Dragon Keeper By Carole Wilkinson

Hi Everyone ,

Currently we are reading Dragon Keeper during English. I myself am a bit ahead of some people┬ábut I don’t want to spoil anything before some of you read it. The start of the book really got me interested. It was not boring unlike someimage other books. Then it kept me hooked by keeping it interesting. The book at the start was about a slave girl who is working for a man, Master Lan. the girl was sold as a young child to Master Lan. Her best friend is a rat Hua.

Reading Progress

At the moment I am about half way through my first book ‘Horrowits Horror’. The first few chapters were very, very weird but cool at the same time. But when I got further in to the book it became more and more interesting. I hope to finish it soon.


First Blog

Hello my name is Dallas Retchless,

I’m not the best reader but I hope to read about five to six books towards the end of Semester.

My favourite kind of books are some like comedy/funny books and my favourite place to read is in a quiet peaceful place.

At the moment I am reading a horror story called Horrowits Horror.